Collab' Macon & Lesquoy x Palais Galliera

© Macon & Lesquoy / © Paris Musées, Palais Galliera

'Shoes' brooch inspired by a pair of pumps that belonged to Empress Eugénie (circa 1860) © Macon & Lesquoy / © Paris Musées, Palais Galliera

Alongside our tour of the collections, Macon & Lesquoy designed 5 pieces inspired by the treasures of our museum.

Cultural life is a great source of inspiration for the designers at Macon & Lesquoy who wanted to pay tribute to the Palais Galliera and its collections with original limited edition creations. 

In this exceptional collaboration, a deco frame reproduces the motif of an interior dress created by the House of Worth for Countess Greffulhe (around 1890). Two brooches are also inspired by emblematic pieces from our collections: a feathered fan (early 20th century) and a pair of pumps that belonged to Empress Eugénie (circa 1860).

Finally, the trades that make up the life of our museum are also highlighted through two other models: a "scissors" brooch and another in the shape of a spool evoke sewing, but our restoration and preventive conservation workshops.

These unique creations are currently on sale at the Palais Galliera bookshop-boutique, or on the Macon & Lesquoy website (link below). As for the works from which they were inspired, they can be found in our collection tour, "A History of Fashion at the Palais Galliera", presented until 26 June 2022. 

> About Macon & Lesquoy

Founded in 2009 by Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy, the eponymous French brand offers embroidered accessories. Lovers of elegance and detail, the two designers are fond of exceptional know-how and know how to find the best craftsmen from here and elsewhere.

Over the years, the collections have been influenced by the journeys they have made together, which have inspired them as much as they have transported them. From Russia to Japan, via Rwanda, Detroit and Pondicherry, the colours and encounters give birth to beautiful ideas.

Committed, funny, sometimes offbeat and always poetic, Marie and Anne-Laure's view of today's world subtly combines gentleness and boldness. All their pieces have a story behind them. It's up to each of them to carry their message, with style!