Culture(s) de Mode

Conférence inaugurale © Culture(s) de Mode

Opening conference, 2017 © Culture(s) de Mode

The Palais Galliera is pleased to present "Culture(s) de Mode", a network of interdisciplinary fashion researchers and professionals of which it is a member.

In France, fashion research is rich, diversified and innovative. However, this vitality is not always perceived and it is common to hear that "France is lagging behind" or that French "Fashion Studies" do not exist. It is said that research is done elsewhere; that the best academic journals are Anglo-Saxon; that fashion specialists work in England, the United States, or Northern Europe -- in other words, everywhere else than in France. Culture(s) de Mode wants to give back to France all the place it deserves by creating the first French network of research and reflection around fashion.

> A network of interdisciplinary researchers and professionals in Fashion

Created in 2017, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Culture(s) de Mode is a network bringing together for the first time all the researchers, professionals and enthusiasts who work on fashion in France. With the support of the Ministry of Culture, it aims to promote, support and encourage all initiatives on fashion research in France. Culture(s) de Mode understands "fashion research" in the broad sense of anyone who analyses, deciphers, writes, preserves, restores, and makes fashion. Thus, Culture(s) de Mode addresses students, professors, researchers, museum curators, archivists, designers, engineers, theorists, practitioners, philosophers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, writers, journalists and the curious... "Fashion" is also understood in the broadest sense and encompasses clothing, accessories, textiles, appearances, and the practices associated with clothing

> Practical tools for research

Culture(s) de Mode aims to support research through various tools. The website,, makes all research initiatives visible. It already publishes an agenda indicating conferences, symposiums, study days, calls for applications, exhibitions and books related to fashion cultures in France; a bibliography of works on fashion published in France; a chronology and podcasts. Soon, it will unveil an interactive map listing over 100 public and private institutions in France with fashion and textile collections.

> Helping researchers conduct their work and disseminate their knowledge

Culture(s) de Mode offers practical tools to researchers to enable them to produce more knowledge: grants for the translation of articles into foreign languages and for mobility abroad; training workshops on research tools; networking events... Culture(s) de Mode sets up a series of workshops reserved for members: workshops to discover museum archives, meetings with professionals, themed conferences...

> Organisation

Honorary President:
Olivier Saillard, Historian, Curator, Performer, Former Director of the Palais Galliera, Artistic Director of Weston

Director :
Sophie Kurkdjian, Docteur, Chercheuse IHTP-CNRS, Professeur associé, Université américaine de Paris.

Steering Committee :
Miren Arzalluz, Director, Palais Galliera
Maude Bass-Krueger, Professor, Ghent University
Denis Bruna, Chief Curator, MAD
Emanuele Coccia, Senior Lecturer, EHESS
Olivier Gabet, Director, MAD
Sophie Maire, Head of Institutional Promotion, MNAAG (Musée Guimet)
Gaspard De Massé, Head of the Balenciaga archives
Aurélie Mossé, Teacher-researcher, co-director of the Soft Matters research group, EnsAD, PSL
Marco Pecorari, Programme Director, Parsons - The New School, Paris
Sylvie Roy, Documentary Studies Officer, Palais Galliera
Aurélie Samuel, Director of Collections, YSL Museum, Paris
Sandrine Tinturier, Historian, Azzedine Alaïa Foundation
Géraldine-Julie Sommier, Director, Patrimoine Chloé
Stephanie Strauss, Director, Mandhari Agency
Patrice Verdière, Professor, École Duperré
Jeanne Vicérial, Doctor, EnsAD-PSL, designeur, Villa Médicis
Marlène Van de Casteele, Doctor, Lyon 2; Teacher, EnsAD

> Culture(s) de Mode's contact 

> Email :
> Instagram : @cultures_de_mode
> Facebook : @lesculturesdemode
> Twitter : @culturesdemode