'PARASOL' installation in the garden of the Palais Galliera

© Fabian_Frinzel

© Fabian_Frinzel

As part of MUNICH UNIQUE, an interdisciplinary project of the Goethe-Institut, the Palais Galliera is honoured to host an installation by the Munich artist Ayzit Bostan in its garden. In cooperation with the Mairie du XVIe arrondissement, the work will be presented from 13 July to 28 August 2021.

> 'PARASOL', an art project in the urban space

In his artworks, Ayzit Bostan takes iconic symbols and transfers them into new contexts. The result is both minimalist and complex creations. The cloud is one of her favourite motifs.

For the installation 'PARASOL', she was inspired by the beach umbrellas left behind at the end of the summer season, and brings them from the sea into the urban space. Like clouds, her four ecru fabric parasols provide shade and create a place of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital. In this way, a smooth transition is made between the feeling of security and the newly found openness to the world. 

The parasols thus symbolise the transition between the city and nature; as beach umbrellas, they introduce the idea of a (seaside) holiday into the urban image: on the one hand, by illuminating the urban concrete deserts with their strong blues, on the other hand, by making the link with the exhibition site: a park, which is at the same time a place of relaxation, an oasis of greenery in the city and a momentary holiday spot. The work is intended for a place that would be both a living space and a place of passage and relaxation. The four parasols, while inviting to linger, are fully integrated into the aesthetics of the green space. At the same time, they will also provide a protective function: protection and retreat within the metropolis and protection against the sun's rays, which are becoming increasingly strong as a result of global warming.

The 'PARASOL' installation is a place of refuge, reminiscent of the lightness of summer days, and invites the public to settle down or lounge around. From September, it will be shown at the Pinakothek Moderne in Munich. At the same time, Bordeaux, a city twinned with the Bavarian capital, will be exhibiting another work by Ayzit Bostan: a flag also decorated with a cloud.

> L’artiste Ayzit Bostan

Ayzit Bostan has lived in Munich since 1972 and works as a fashion designer, artist and design teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel. After training as a seamstress and obtaining a master's degree as a cutting director, she opened her own company with her own fashion label. Bostan creates an interface between design and art: her collections are not presented on the catwalk, but as installations and performances.

She integrates existing pop culture symbols into her work and transposes them into new contexts through clear and radical interventions. Iconic symbols are deconstructed and condensed, while keeping a clear message, and aesthetically challenge our visual habits. Ayzit Bastan also frequently intervenes in public space: most recently, she took over the billboard of the cultural service at Lenbachplatz; in 2012, she presented the installation Replika in the Hofgarten in collaboration with Gerhardt Kellermann. She has won numerous awards for her design, including the IF Product Design Award for her classic handbag design for the BREE brand.

> Informations pratiques 

• Access to the work: 
Garden of the Palais Galliera (on the East Wing side) 
Avenue du Président Wilson, Paris 16e
Metro Iéna or Alma-Marceau (line 9)

 More informationwww.goethe.de