Waiting for the reopening...

While waiting for the reopening of the Palais Galliera, our collections continue to live virtually. Here's how to find them easily, discover them and enrich your knowledge !

Our collections come alive on social networks:  

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→ Reinterpretation challenge (all public) : 
Inspired by the Getty Museum and its #ArtInQuarantine initiative launched during containment, this contest challenges you to reproduce, as faithfully as possible, a work in the reality of your daily life. In principle, the national contest ends on May 25, but we will continue to welcome the creations of latecomers and will continue to share them. So don't hesitate to take up this challenge!

Here is an example from one of our followers :

Drawing by Enrico Sacchetti (on the left) and by @josephyneaupaysdesmerveilles 

And here are the works from our collections that we propose you to imitate : 

Illustrations from the advertising album "Les choses de Paul Poiret vues par Georges Lepape", circa 1911

"Pour Elle" covers, 1941

Drawings by Enrico Sacchetti, from the "Dresses and Women" series, 1913

Drawings by René Bouët-Willaumez, 1942

Photographs by Henry Clarke (Models: Lanvin, 1951; Jacques Fath, 1956; Balenciaga, 1953)

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En savoir + sur ce concours :
>> http://www.parismusees.paris.fr/fr/actualite/concours-reinterpretez-les-oeuvres-des-musees-de-la-ville-de-paris-chez-vous

→ Drawing challenge (young public) : 
Paris Musées lance un concours de dessin destiné aux enfants. Le jeune public est invité à revisiter les œuvres des collections des musées de la Ville de Paris et à partager son dessin sur les réseaux sociaux. Les œuvres que nous proposons (ci-dessus) pour le concours de réinterprétation peuvent aussi être revisitées pour ce concours. A vos crayons ! 

Si vous souhaitez partager votre dessin, n’oubliez pas de nous taguer et d'utiliser les hashtags ci-dessous !

Learn more about this challenge :
>> http://www.parismusees.paris.fr/fr/actualite/concours-de-dessin-nos-oeuvres-revisitees-par-les-tout-petits


Other digital resources where our collections await you:

Don't hesitate to take advantage of all the resources and activities available in your home to entertain yourself, increase your knowledge or keep your children busy!

> Surf on our website! 

On our website, discover the history of Palazzo Galliera, its architecture and collections; visit our reserves and workshops for restoration and preventive conservation; explore some of the documentary collections - periodicals, patterns, cutting manuals, department store catalogues... - which have been digitised for easy consultation from your home!   

> Explore our applications ! 

We recommend these few applications for your smartphone or tablet. They have been designed from our collections, to accompany our exhibitions... Another opportunity to rediscover them and deepen your knowledge!

→ Jeanne Lanvin 
Developed in close collaboration with the House of Lanvin, this free, richly illustrated application offers a biography of Jeanne Lanvin put into images thanks to archival documents, and focuses on 18 emblematic creations by Jeanne Lanvin.
>>  https://www.palaisgalliera.paris.fr/fr/actualites/une-application-pour-lexposition-jeanne-lanvin

→ Fortuny, a Spanish in Venice : 
This application offers a biography of Mariano Fortuny and focuses on 18 models presented in the exhibition "Fortuny, a Spaniard in Venice" in 2017 at Palazzo Galliera.
>> https://www.palaisgalliera.paris.fr/fr/expositions/fortuny-un-espagnol-venise

→ Second Canvas : 
This application offers you a hundred works of art from the museums of the City of Paris in very high definition... including some beautiful and unusual pieces from our collections!
>> http://parismusees.paris.fr/fr/actualite/application-second-canvas-decouvrez-les-oeuvres-de-paris-musees-en-tres-haute-definition 

> Discover also the collections portal of Paris Musées! 

On its collections portal, Paris Musées makes available more than 300,000 digital reproductions of works from the museums of the City of Paris. It's free, the images are in high definition and the digital wandering is a must... Let yourself also be tempted by the theme trails: "Women's fashion and sport, 1880-1939" has been specially designed for fashion fans. You'll discover striking works, with varied explanations and illustrations in high definition.
>> parismuseescollections.paris.fr

> Connect to YouToube and Dailymotion! 

More than 450 videos are available for free on the Youtube and Dailymotion channels of Paris Musées. You will be able to see or review commented visits of our exhibitions, teasers and interviews of the curators...