Filming and shooting

With its elegant peristyle, galleries and 19th century Renaissance-inspired lounges, Palais Galliera offers a unique setting for filming and shooting, indoors or outdoors.

A perfect setting for movies and fashion photos: 

The Palais Galliera has been used several times as a setting for the cinema. It can be found in several cult sequences of "Papy fait de la résistance" (1983) and "Monsieur Batignole" (2002), two French movies which have in common their action taking place under the German Occupation (during the Second World War). In the first film directed by Jean-Marie Poiret, Galliera was renamed "Museum of Gothic Art" which was the entry into the secret lair of "Super-Resistant", the elusive masked vigilante embodied by the French actor Martin Lamotte. In the second, Gerard Jugnot, its director, transforms it into the headquarters of the Kommandantur. 

Galliera offered its sumptuous setting for the final scene of "The Devil wears Prada" (2006). During that scene, Miranda Priestly (aka Meryl Streep) and her assistant Andrea (aka Anne Hathaway) attended a prestigious reception organised during the Paris Fashion Week. 

Palais Galliera can also be seen in "Inception" (2010). Indeed, it's at the museum that Christopher Nolan has chosen to stage the encounter between his protagonists, "Dom Cobb" and "Ariane", played by Leonardo Dicaprio and Ellen Page. 

Finally, the Palais Galliera also hosted the film shoots of French movies : "Banlieue 13" (2004), "L'Armée du crime" (2009), "La veritable histoire de Blanche-Neige" ("True story of Snow White", 2012), "Cézanne et moi" ("Cézanne and I", 2016).

The museum is also a popular place for fashion photos and artistic, advertising or commercial clips.

How to take pictures: 

. At the Museum

Filming and shooting at the Palais Galliera are subject to image rights and regulations that define the use of the municipal public domain, including the museums of the City of Paris. An agreement is drawn up between the production company and the Paris Museums public institution, setting in particular the amount of the fee, which will be calculated on the basis of the daily flat-rate amount set out in the Paris Council's decision of 9 and 10 July 2012. 

For any information about filming and shooting in the Palais Galliera, please contact us : Monique Bouard, +33 (0)1 56 52 86 03 / You can also find all the information on the website of Paris Film.   

. In the garden / Square of the Galliera Palace:

The museum's garden, known as "Square of Palais Galliera", is located on an old limestone quarry on the Chaillot hill. The entrance of the garden is via the Avenue of Président Wilson. The Square of Palais Galliera is a public space managed by the City of Paris. 

For any information about filming and shooting in the garden, please contact the City of Paris : Madame Pascale Truchon-Thierret, +33 (0)1 71 18 98 43 /