Drawing, Maison Grès

  • Maison Grès

  • 27,5x21 cm
  • Gift of the Pierre Bergé / Yves Saint Laurent Foundation
  • Summer 1950
  • Indian ink on tracing paper
  • GAL211.E.5.54
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

The white silk jersey evening gowns that made Madame Grès' reputation – sometimes to the point of identifying her with them alone –  were designed as exercises in minimalism. Stringently pared down, this collection drawing is a perfect expression of the couturière's intentions, with the face reduced to an oval in order to focus attention on the gown's line and structure. Here we have a kind of encapsulation of all the Grès pleated dresses of the 1950s.

Notice's author : Laurent Cotta