Elastic structure, Martin Margiela

  • Martin Margiela

  • Whitout label
  • Ready-to-wear, Spring-Summer 1998, "Flat" collection
  • Black polyelastane ribbons. Transparent adhesive coating. Silver plated metal.
  • GAL2019.1.39
  • Acquisition Vogue Paris Foundation 2018
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

Spring-Summer 1998 collection is inspired by the paper patterns of the previous season, and Martin Margiela has decided to create only flat clothing.

Among them, some have a displaced neckline on the front to flatten clothing with collar. A white shirt, suspended flat on a hanger with hooks, can thus be placed on a body, open, draped in this elastic structure with straps that draws a V on the chest.

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Notice's author : Alexandre Samson