Ensemble, Prada


  • Prada

  • Label on the dress in woven twill inside mid-back neckline, dark blue on sky blue: "[ropes] PRADA / MILANO".
  • Ready-to-wear, spring-summer 2019
  • Satin 100% black silk. Pongee 100% black silk. Knit jersey stitch 100% grey cashmere. Poplin 100% white Egyptian cotton. Pearly shell buttons. Pink silk satin. Pink grosgrain. White and black leather. Black and aniseed green calf leather. Golden metal. Black nappa leather. Transparent shiny Nylon knitted in one piece with opaque black jersey. Black calf leather. Shiny black plastic (sprayed ABS). Flesh leather.Old pink leather.
  • GAL2020.18.1.1-12
  • Donation of Prada ; Vogue Paris Foundation 2019
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

The spring-summer 2019 parade takes place in the vast halls of the Prada Foundation in Milan.

Silhouette n°13, emblematic of this collection, consists of a short trapeze dress, not treated in black Nylon - the brand's signature - but in a noble duchess satin, worn over a shirt and a jumper. The black Nylon knee-highs, an accessory usually worn by older women, are worn with low-heeled baby pumps.

The refined shape of Prada accessories, sometimes worn as a design object, is recognisable in the wide headband covered in pink satin.

All the strength of the style imagined by Prada is there: mixing the almost contradictory wardrobes of childhood with those of older ladies, while evoking the 1960s.

However, no photograph of the fashion show, no video widely distributed on the internet, reveals the strength and what really characterizes this ensemble: the backs of the dress, the jumper and the shirt open into large portholes. These layers of superimposed clothing, which make the silhouette so interesting, are almost undetectable on the internet and few journalists echo them.

This "oblivion" of profiles and backs characterises the spread of fashion in the 2010's, flattened by the screens, to the point that many designers no longer develop the backs of their models because of the cost involved and the lack of interest from the press.

Notice's author : Alexandre Samson