"Miror" suit, Anrealage


  • Anrealage

  • Woven canvas label on top, inside neckline middle back, on skirt, inside middle back waist, white on black:"[framed][logo] ANREALAGE /[inverted logo] ANREALAGE[inverted] ANREALAGE[inverted]"
  • Ready to wear, Spring-Summer 2016, "REFLECT" collection
  • Jacquard (63% polyester, 20% cotton, 17% rayon) grey and white. Grey and white braids. Silver plated metal. Photosensitive polyurethane coating revealing a Vichy print, houndstooth, checks and flash stripes of a photograph.
  • GAL2019.4.1.1-2
  • Donation of Anrealage – Vogue Paris Foundation 2018
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

This "Miror" suit, inspired by a Chanel suit, is built in mirror and reveals the passion of Kunihiko Morinaga, creator of the ANRELAGE brand, for the technicality of the cut. When taken with flash, the dull colours of this ensemble reveal spectacular contrasts.

When he creates, Kunihiko Morinaga thinks as little as possible about the body. Guided by a unique research axis, he chose a conceptual fashion presentation whose performative structure recalls those of Hussein Chalayan or Martin Margiela. However, through these advanced technological devices, ANREALAGE seems to question our society and its uses. For this collection presented at the Salle Melpomène of the Ecole nationale des beaux-arts de Paris on 29 September 2015, Morinaga makes the telephone, an omnipresent instrument of everyday life, the exclusive intermediary between the public and his creations. With their heads caught in large 3D headphones to hear the music of the show, the audience plunged into darkness had to photograph the models with the flashes of their phones to discover their prints. ANREALAGE immerses the audience in an allegory, that of current fashion presentations where, for nearly 10 years now, trained laptops have been the silent ovations of an ultra-connected audience

This ensemble questions the photophobia of fashion museums, the exhibition of textile heritage being dictated according to strict criteria and a low light exposure, limited to 50 LUX.

Notice's author : Alexandre Samson