Necklace, Martin Margiela

  • Martin Margiela 

  • Sans griffe
  • Ready-to-wear, fall-winter 1996-97
  • Manges woven in bright red viscose. Silvery metal. Red woven cotton.
  • GAL2020.2.26
  • Acquisition, Vogue Paris Foundation 2019 ; former Vicky Roditis collection
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

Martin Margiela's Autumn-Winter 1996-97 fashion show takes place in Paris, in the Wagram Hall, which is plunged into darkness, and when the parade begins, a distant glow appears. A woman walks slowly, lit from above by a parasol with spotlights, carried by a technician who follows her.

This shower of light reveals the model's face and her outfit. Some of them wear on their pea jacket a neck with long red or black fringes covering their bust.

Notice's author : Alexandre Samson