"Oversize" jacket, Martin Margiela

  • Martin Margiela

  • Label in virgin white cotton canvas retained by 4 stitching points on the jacket, inside neckline middle back.
  • Ready-to-wear, Fall-Winter 2000-2001
  • Brown velvet calf. Lining in acetate and polyester taffeta changing brown and black.
  • GAL2019.1.42.1-2
  • Acquisition Vogue Paris Foundation 2018
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

Faithful to his interest in the games of scale between clothing and the body, Martin Margiela developed the clothing enlargements discussed the previous season for his Fall-Winter 2000-2001 collection.

The shape of these models is similar to that of a very large female body. They march supported by visible silk paper, whose almost museum-like preciousness contrasts with the raw appearance of oversized clothing.

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