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The exhibition 'Back Side - Fashion From Behind' at the Fashion & Lace Museum, Brussels - © MuséeMode&Dentelle / V.Ginest

As the Palais Galliera expands with a work campaign that runs until 2019, its collections are travelling around the world. The Fashion Museum of Paris currently presents two exceptional exhibitions: one in the United States of America and the other in Belgium.


Balenciaga in black

07.10.2018 > 06.01.2019 at Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

After conquering Paris in 2017, Balenciaga in Black is on now at the Kimbell Art Museum. The exhibition resonates with the black sounds of Cristobal Balenciaga's creations, alchemist of couture. 
Black, such as the irrigation of his work drawing its roots from the folk and traditional Spain of his childhood. Black, the taste of the purity of this extraordinary technician. Black, the monastic inspirations of the master of whom Dior said: "The garment was his religion". 
For Balenciaga, black is a vibrant material, alternately opaque or transparent, matt or brilliant, all in a play of light that owes as much to the sumptuousness of the fabrics as to the apparent simplicity of its cuts. A lace enhancement, an embroidery composition, a guipure, a thick fall of silk velvet and it is a skirt, a bolero, a cloak, a cloak reinvented as a coat, a cloak cut as a pilgrim.... Here, day rooms and there, cocktail dresses, also evening ensembles lined in silk taffeta, bordered with fringes, decorated with satin ribbons, jet beads, sequins... In black, combined with an exceptional collection of clothing and accessories from the Palais Galliera's collections and the archives of Balenciaga House.

Curatorship : Véronique Belloir, in charge of the haute couture collection at Palais Galliera
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Back Side - Fashion From Behind

08.11.2018 > 31.03.2019 at the Fashion & Lace Museum, Brussels

While fashion usually likes to be admired from the front, the exhibition Back Side focuses all attention on the back. To explore this original thematic for the first time ever, the exhibition presents an exceptional collection of clothing and accessories from the 18th century up to the present day, . By bringing together pieces from both museums and fashion houses with roaring names such as Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Schiaparelli, Alaïa, Martin Margiela and Olivier Theyskens, Back Side questions the perception we have of our back and that of others. The human being has an ambiguous relationship with his back. A person is vulnerable because he/she cannot see his/her back; and yet fashion constantly decorates it, burdens it, reveals it.

The majestic train of a court gown, the weight of a backpack, the sensuality of a plunging neckline, the constraints of a fastening system,...Thanks to Back Side, you will never look at your back the same way again!

Curator : Alexandre Samson, in charge of the contemporary collection at the Palais Galliera
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