The 'Cercle de l'éventail' (fan club)

Fan, around 1905. Photo: © Philippe Ladet / Galliera / Roger-Viollet

The 'Cercle de l’Eventail' (fan club of the Palais Galliera) is a non-profit body created by a group of collectors, museum curators and art professionals with the aim of purchasing additional fans for the Palais Galliera's Accessories collection. Members include lovers of fans of all eras and countries, notably connoisseurs, collectors, antiquarians and curators.

Since its founding in the wake of the exhibition "The Fan: Mirror of the Belle Epoque" at the Palais Galliera in 1985, the group has donated some 300 fans to the museum. Its choices extend to outstanding works that fill gaps in the collection; representative items little known to today's general public, such as printed fabric fans; and advertising models. The notion of the 'fashion fan' is another of its interests. Thanks to the group's donations the Palais Galliera now has a fine collection of feather and lace fans.

In addition to helping expand the Palais Galliera collection, the Cercle de l’Eventail holds regular meetings aimed at increasing interest in and knowledge of a now-neglected accessory. It also organises publication of studies on the subject, exhibition catalogues, and new editions of old texts. It provides ongoing support for young designers and museums, lends items for temporary exhibitions, and rounds out existing documentation.

Several times a year the Cercle organises talks and study trips both in France and abroad. It is in close contact with its English and American counterparts, FCI (Fan Circle International) and FANA (Fan Association of North America).