Donate to the museum

Tails of crawfish and satin pouffe, around 1885 - Photo : © K. Maucotel

Since its creation, patrons and donors are essential for the life of the museum. Without this invaluable support, the Galliera palace would not be.

The Palais Galliera was completed in 1894 in accordance with the wishes of Marie Brignole-Sale, Duchesse de Galliera, a leading 19th-century philanthropist. In 1907, Maurice Leloir founded the Société de l’Histoire du Costume, which built up what was later to be the City of Paris Fashion Museum collection, and has been adding which has grown ever since. 

Even today, the generosity of its patrons and donnors has enabled the Palais to ensure the ongoing growth of a remarkable collection, finance maintenance of the building and the restoration of works, present major exhibitions and offer a programme of distinctive cultural events.  

> How to support the museum ?

This support takes different forms. 

. Corporate patrons and sponsors :
The patronage and sponsorship - financial, in kind, expertise - qualifies for tax relief. By associating themselves with a prestigious museum, patrons gain significant visibility and the possibility of receiving clients at the Palais Galliera itself.

. Private patrons and donnors :
Private individuals may support one of the many available projects and thereby participate in the museum’s enhancement. They may also add to the museum’s collections by donating pieces of clothes or accessories, once approved by the museum’s acquisition committee. 

> To make a donation 

These donors include anonymous individuals and public figures, as well as leading couturiers and designers who regularly offer the curators rare, historic or contemporary pieces representing a given period or trend.

If you wish to make a donation, phone 01 56 52 86 00 or contact the specific curator for the period or style of your item.