Carte Blanche to Geoffroy Ménabréa - Part I

© Geoffroy Ménabréa

Carte Blanche n° #3 / Instagram @palais_galliera > © Geoffroy Ménabréa, 2019

We had invited the photographer Geoffroy Ménabréa to highlight, from 2018 to 2020, our work campaign. His black and white pictures were an exclusivity on our Instagram account. Discover them in the slideshow below!

> About Geoffroy Ménabréa

Born in 1981, Geoffroy Ménabréa lives and works in Paris. After studying philosophy of art, he began to practice photography by collaborating with several photographers, such as Pierre-Olivier Deschamps at the Vu' agency, then Denis Darzacq, Frank Ferville and Claudine Doury. He also rubs shoulders with fashion photography alongside Vincent Peters, Miles Aldridge and Sølve Sundsbø. On the webzine "L'œil de la Photographie", his series "Icônes Familières" questions the idea of the sacred through the prism of everyday life and its triviality.

In 2010, his meeting with Gérard Rondeau profoundly influenced his photographic approach - with the series "Hors Cadre" in particular, in which the evocative power of the image is exercised in places of art in work. In 2013, he follows the construction of the Philharmonie de Paris. Since 2018, he continues his investigation on the construction site of the Palais Galliera, seizing the opportunity of its metamorphosis to tell an important turning point in its history.


About the work campaign 

The Palais Galliera has temporarily closed its doors in July 2018 for the creation of new exhibition galleries. Thanks to the exceptional support of the Maison Chanel, the exclusive sponsor of this project, the Palais Galliera, the Paris Fashion Museum, is completing a work campaign that will enable it to double its exhibition space. These new galleries will be named after Gabrielle Chanel. 

Fitted out in the red brick vaulted cellars, on a surface area of 670 m², they will be able to host either large temporary exhibitions spread over the two levels, or a presentation of the permanent collections, through works chosen from among the museum's 200,000 pieces - clothing, accessories, photographs and graphic arts from the 18th century to the present day.

The Palais Galliera will thus become the first fashion museum to exhibit its permanent collection in France.The project management was entrusted to the Atelier de l'Île directed by Dominique Brard, and Ciel Architectes represented by Sandra and Gaspard Courtine. The project also includes the renovation of the exterior architecture (cleaning of the facades, consolidation of the peristyle, balustrades and ceremonial staircases), the creation of an educational workshop, a bookstore-boutique and a seasonal outdoor tea room.

Delayed by the COVID-19 crisis, the Palais Galliera will finally reopen on October 1, 2020.

Discover the photographer's selection - which includes some bonus photos - in the slideshow below :