Pair of T-bar shoes and evening purse, Perugia

Worn by Mistinguett

  • Perugia

  • Shoes : Label on the insole: 'PERUGIA'. Purse : Label: 'PERUGIA-PARIS'
  • Gift of Doctor de Lima
  • circa 1925
  • Shoes: flat gold braid and gold thread embroidery, lining and insole in gilded kidskin, heel in engraved gilded metal. Purse: Gold lamé, flat gold braid and gold thread embroidery, gilded paillettes, snap fastener.
  • GAL1958.37.5ABC
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

The work of Perugia, the celebrated 20th-century shoemaker, this ensemble belonged to the famous French singer-actress Mistinguett. Perugia's creations betray oriental, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, medieval and Cubist influences picked up in the course of his travels and encounters, and through the art education he received from Paul Poiret. With its snakes and face-to-face gryphons and dragons, the ornamentation for these T-bar shoes and their accompanying purse is probably Persian-inspired.

Notice's author : Marie-Laure Gutton