Collar, Martin Margiela

  • Martin Margiela 

  • Claw in virgin white cotton canvas held by 4 stitching points, inside middle front.
  • Ready-to-wear, spring-summer 2007
  • 100% white silk crepe. Silver plated metal.
  • GAL2020.2.42
  • Acquisition, Vogue Paris Foundation 2019 ; former Vicky Roditis collection
  • Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

Martin Margiela's spring-summer 2007 collection marks the final step in his creative journey, breaking with his previous research.

By observing his time and fashion through magazines, the designer feels the need to turn his back on what he has so far presented in ready-to-wear, taking care to always address the same women. He rejects elements of his collections that he considers caricatured and takes new directions: cleanliness replaces wrinkled and worn-out, design replaces deconstruction and the men's suit jacket becomes feminine as a tailor's jacket. Margiela retains only a few of the ideas found in her archive boxes and decides to look for inspiration among her childhood fashion memories.

Among the collection's accessories, passage n°3 wears around her neck this white shirt collar and its matching scarf, sewn together.

Notice's author : Alexandre Samson